Dr. Teresa Poprawski

Dr. Teresa Poprawski serves as Chief Medical Officer at Relief Mental Health. She is a board-certified neuropsychiatrist, QEEG Diplomat, and an accomplished, executive-level medical administrator. While her professional credentials signify her dedication to the study of brain-sciences, Dr. Poprawski is above all, a passionate and caring clinician. She draws on her wide-ranging knowledge and experience to find the best solution for each of her patients individually, in order to achieve the best possible outcome. Dr. Poprawski’s compassionate and positive attitude is, for lack of a better word, infectious to her patients and peers alike.

Dr. Poprawski specializes in the use of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation to treat depression, OCD, and other conditions. Using TMS in conjunction with state-of-the art diagnostics, Intranasal Esketamine, and collaborative interventions, Dr. Poprawski has established a track record of outstanding results. Having developed and successfully applied a proprietary method of medication selection, Dr. Poprawski nonetheless recognizes that our is cutting-edge technology is highly effective in the treatment of psychiatric conditions, especially in cases where traditional methods have failed or proved an inadequate level of relief.