Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation is designed to treat depression, OCD, and other common disorders in a safe, effective manner. TMS works by emitting pulses to the area of the brain that regulates mood. These pulses activate specific areas of the brain and decreasing symptoms of depression. Patients will sit comfortably in a chair during their 20 minute sessions.

TMS does not require anesthesia, hospitalization, and has no systemic side effects.

  • Covered by most major insurance plans
  • FDA Approved
  • Relief without medication
  • 75% response rate

Relief TMS uses BrainsWay Deep TMSTtechnology. dTMs has been demonstrated to have exceptional efficacy due to its broad and deep prefrontal stimulation.

What are the side effects of TMS?

TMS does not generally have systemic side effects. Many patients choose TMS because of the side effects associated with medication.

Will I need to take time off work?

TMS can be worked into most people's daily routine. Patients can go about their daily tasks immediately following a session.

Is TMS right for me?

Relief TMS will provide you with a free assessment to see if TMS is a fit for you. Call or email us for more information.