The Mind Solution

a non-invasive solution to depression, ocd, and other mental health diagnoses without the use of medication, side-effects, or invasive procedures.

The Mind Solution

A non-invasive solution for depression, ocd and more.

TMS is for you if…

  • You or a loved one has symptoms of depression or OCD that have not improved after attempts with medication.
  • Side-effects are outweighing the benefit of medications.
  • Your quality of life is suffering because of your depression, OCD, or other diagnosis.

Relief TMS will design a personal care plan to help you achieve optimal results and increase the chance of remission.

FDA Approved

Relief TMS uses technology that has been tested in over 60 clinical studies. The FDA has determined it is safe and effective.

Covered by Major Insurance

TMS is covered by most major insurance including Medicare. We will work with your insurance company to maximize coverage.

No Side Effects

Unlike many antidepressants, TMS has no systemic side-effects. Patients experience relief without having to sacrifice quality of life.